[arm-allstar] RPi2-3 Image Version 1.5rc2, Preform a system update error

Don Backstrom AA7AU z-armallstar at deliberate.net
Sat Sep 30 18:53:03 EST 2017

On Sat 30-Sep-17 13:59, "Tony Ross via arm-allstar" wrote:

> Examine /var/log/pacman.log for clues.

	As it appears that the /var/log/ space in HamVoip is written to, and 
held in, RAM and then lost upon reboot, it might be nice if those 
contents could be saved to a "results of last pacman instance" file in a 
stable location, updated either at the end of the pacman script or as 
part of the reboot script, so that those messages could be viewed after 
that reboot. Minor impact on space and write-cycles, good impact on 
clarity of operation?

	Just a thought,	

	- Don - AA7AU

ps: Thanks Doug for all that you do for this project, I believe that it 
is very much [but quietly] appreciated.

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