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R Dahl ve6ars at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 12:44:10 EST 2017

It appears you have two WANs and a Mikrotik router.  If you check the
archives, Tim Sawyer had posted a fix for that scenario.  Without
intervention, allstar tries to use all available wans, and the wheels fall
off. I followed that successfully for quite some time and then something
changed somewhere such that I needed another solution.

That turned out to be defining a static route to the registration
server(and for good measure, the node update also).  Note the distance
which is the lowest in the default list for your preferred WAN.  dstnat is
as you already have.

At least this has been working here for the last month or so and might be a
fix for you as well.

This is the command line routing:

add check-gateway=ping comment="Allstar registration and node status"
distance=4 \
    dst-address= gateway=69.31.238.xxx
add check-gateway=ping distance=4 dst-address= gateway=\

Good luck
Ross ve6ars

> Today's Topics:
>    1. Node won't connect - Registration problem (Randy Neals)
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> From: Randy Neals <randy at neals.ca>
> To: BeagleBone Black ARM Allstar <arm-allstar at hamvoip.org>
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> Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 23:26:18 -0700
> Subject: [arm-allstar] Node won't connect - Registration problem
> I have a node that will work for several days just fine, and then it takes
> a spell where it won't connect.
> It's in one of those spells right now - the iax2 registry shows
> registration timeout.
> We rebooted the Raspberry Pi about 12 hours ago. No change.
> I stopped and started Asterisk about 20 minutes ago. No change.
> ===== iax2 show registry =====
> ActionID: cpAction_849519009
> Host                  dnsmgr  Username    Perceived
> Refresh  State67.215.233.178:4569   Y       28706
> 60  Timeout67.215.233.178:4569   Y       28705                    60
> Timeout
> At the same site, on the same LAN, I have a second Raspberry Pi
> running the exact same HamVoip release and controlling a 3rd repeater.
> It's registering fine.
> ===== iax2 show registry =====
> ActionID: cpAction_87809639
> Host                  dnsmgr  Username    Perceived
> Refresh  State67.215.233.178:4569   Y       28702
>        60  Registered
> The Internet connection is via NAT router to a a single public IP which is
> dynamic. I have port 4569 mapped to the LAN IP of the first server, and
> port 4570 mapped to the LAN IP of the second server. I looked at the router
> NAT configuration to ensure that was working correctly. Here's a screen
> shot of the NAT config. https://pasteboard.co/GLvlGZr.png Here's a partial
> screen shot of the connection status. https://pasteboard.co/GLvkq09.png If
> you have any pointers on what I should look at next, that would be
> appreciated. Randy, W3RWN
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