[arm-allstar] Supermon Link Connect Faliure

Bryan St Clair bryan at k6cbr.us
Thu Sep 21 13:07:45 EST 2017

I had this once... Things to check -

1.  Are you registered and showing connected to allstar?

2. Did you just bring the node online, or has it been at least 10 minutes
online? (Ip update to network and refresh)

3. Is the node you are trying to connect to allow incoming connections? Can
you confirm or try a different node?


On Sep 21, 2017 10:41, Michael Dorosin via arm-allstar <
arm-allstar at hamvoip.org> wrote:

Might anyone know what the problem might be ...
Using the Supermon GUI, I enter a Node Number into the appropriate text
field and select the connect button. Both the node number I want to and my
node number fade in and out above the aforementioned text field. However,
in the link status box reads no links established. I also cannot connect
using the key strokes on the DTMF pad on my handi-talkie.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Mike N6RDF

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