[arm-allstar] txboost support in simpleusb

Kevin Custer kevin at kc-wireless.com
Thu Mar 30 10:06:27 EST 2017

On 3/30/2017 10:38 AM, David McGough wrote:
> Yeah, and I *really* like those LM386 audio amps you've included! Great
> idea and PLENTY of transmit audio!

Howdy David,

Yes - and in some instances it's TOO much.  I've had a few people 
experience difficulty setting the audio low enough for some MIC inputs.  
The solution was to pull out the 386's and jumper the input to output 
with a small wire in the IC socket.

But - for radios that require LOTS of audio like the System Fusion 
Repeater and other older hardware (Kenwood TKR-750, MICOR, MASTR II), it 
does work well as is.  At least the unit is comprised of mostly 
thru-hole components making it easier to work on and modify if necessary.


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