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Thanks i did not think of reverse DNS.

This is not on a home router more like a small business router and could add this VLAN to an existing windows server, enable the dns and place entries there.
another question if you do not mind, when scanning the DNS lookup happens during the deeper part of the scan.
Not being a Linux expert, would it be easy to enable the PI to respond to the SNMP query with its server name and would that change impact the performance of the PI running allstar?
when  the change to Allstar from the RLC DSP 404's, the WAN there will be more than 30 nodes on the sub net thus it would be nice when i do a scan to see what is responding without having to resort to looking at notes. Thus far i am only 1/2 done.
thanks again

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That's generally a function of reverse DNS. You'll need to configure the PTR record on your DNS server so that it responds with the node name when the IP is queried. 
If this is a home router type of situation, this may or may not be possible.
While not recommended, when using DHCP to configure the IP on the node,  many home routers will associate the node's host name with the IP and respond with it when a reverse DNS query is done. 
Setting the node with a static IP is preferred.
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is there a way to get the PI 3 to respond with the node server name when scanning the network with languard 2.0
Thanks for any help.
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