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John Hoser-Smith skierinavon at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 9 18:16:24 EST 2017

re:  Allstar Connection issue.
Single Allstar Node to Single Allstar Node -  It "works" (useable) however while connected it "ker-chunks" on the audio.
Specifically Node 45550 connected to Node 44110  you hear a "ker-chunking".
Looked at the PL tone...that was not it.A different Single Node to Single Node connection (41417 to 45550) works with no "ker-chuncking.

Is it is possible that if the IP Subnets are the same  (192.168.1.xxx) Node connected to the other remote node  (192.168.1.xxx) might be the issue?Comments/Suggestions from all welcome.
-pete  N0ECT


*73 Doug*


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