[arm-allstar] zoiper disconnects

Kevin Halton khalton at cox.net
Wed Mar 8 21:20:25 EST 2017

I am having a problem with one node running Zoiper. I have the node
registered and when I dial I hear the node number being read aloud, it
connects then disconnects. This is the output I am getting, any help
certainly appreciated.



-- <IAX2/myphone-10343> Playing 'rpt/connected' (language 'en')

    -- Executing [44444 at myphone:9] Rpt("IAX2/myphone-10343", "44444") in new

[Mar  9 02:16:59] WARNING[32402]: app_rpt.c:21290 rpt_exec: Node  Invalid
for connection here!!

  == Spawn extension (myphone, 44444, 9) exited non-zero on

    -- Hungup 'IAX2/myphone-10343'

    -- Hungup 'DAHDI/pseudo-641917451'

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