[arm-allstar] Upgrading without the menu?

dan at ozment.net dan at ozment.net
Wed Mar 1 13:29:09 EST 2017

I really appreciated the menu during the install, and I like the new 
admin menu. From time to time it is very helpful.  But, I have found 
myself going to a shell prompt most of the time.

I edited the following file


...and changed the last two lines to the following.  Basically, I put a 
# in front of the very last line and added the echo statement.

echo "admin.sh for admin menu"
#exec /usr/local/sbin/admin.sh

Now, when I log in I go to straight to the shell prompt.  If I want to 
start the menu I type "admin.sh" and press enter.

Edit the file at your own risk.  Might be good to make a backup copy of 
it before hand.

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