[arm-allstar] Same server nodes can't connect

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Tue Aug 30 22:12:45 EST 2016

There has been a howto about this on the hamvoip.org web site for a long time.....

73 Doug

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> Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2016 20:22:46 -0500
> Subject: [arm-allstar] Same server nodes can't connect
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> Good evening all,
> Today I moved one of my nodes from an old ACID server in the other room 
> to the Pi I have in my shack. The Pi now has 2 nodes on it and the ACID 
> machine only has 1. After following the documentation online for setting 
> up a second node on the Pi I am having an issue. The 2 nodes on the Pi 
> can not connect to each other. They can both connect to the ACID server 
> / node and to any other node anywhere in the world, just not to each 
> other. Apparently there is something I missed and for the life of me 
> can't think of anything else to try here.
> Yes, I did make the appropriate changes on the AllStar website and I do 
> have the severs on different ports with correct forwarding and all that. 
> Another node here in town can connect to any node of mine as one would 
> expect. This seems to be something small so I have probably overlooked 
> it somewhere.
> Thanks in advance!
> Wade
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