[arm-allstar] Offering Modification services for Baofeng 888 and USB sound FOBS

Devan Phillis devan at kd8mst.org
Thu Aug 25 18:40:25 EST 2016

If anyone is interested in using a Baofeng BF-888S as a node radio for 
use at home or  portable or mobile but you don't have the time, 
patience, or knowledge to modify one I have a solution which could get 
you on Allstar at a very reasonable price. You assemble a complete 
Allstar node with everything you need (Pi and accessories, USB FOB, and 
radio) to get on the air for the cost of a DMK-URI, about $80.

My name is Devan Phillis I live in South Zanesville, Ohio and I have put 
together a plan to buy the radios and the other hardware required to 
modify them for use with Allstar.

I can supply a modified sound FOB, a modified Baofeng BF-888S or both as 
a package. I will do all the necessary modifications including 
programming the radios and testing the units for proper operation. The 
BF-888S is a UHF 1W radio that can be programmed anywhere in the 420-450 
amateur band. It makes a very nice "around the neighborhood" node. The 
only other things that would be needed to complete your node is a 
Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 with a wall wart and case and another wall wart to 
power the BF-888S.

I also am modifying sound fobs to suit your radio whatever it may be. 
The FOB could be supplied with just leads for you to wire to a connector 
or radio of your choice or if you specify a connector and pin-out I can 
wire it for you.

To check out pricing and available options please visit my webpage at 
www.kd8mst.org <http://www.kd8mst.org/> or feel free to email me at 
devan at kd8mst.org <mailto:devan at kd8mst.org> and I will answer any 
questions. I can also be reached on any of my nodes at nearly anytime 
RPT node 42240 Simplex node 43703 hub 43711 and when online portable 
node 43798.

Thanks for the Interest.


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