[arm-allstar] Repeater wont identify

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Wed Aug 24 22:52:10 EST 2016


 I have no idea what you are asking - find straight line?

The two ID lines you show below have semicolons ';' at the beginning of the lines that means they would not be executed. Remove the semicolons and reboot.
As shown below without the semicolons it would play your voice ID and CW ID when you keyed up over the voice ID. That is assuming the KD2ARB file was in that directory and playable. The setup stores the ID files in /etc/asterisk/local/node-id.ul    You can change the file there and not have to change anything in rpt.conf after setup.  The node-id file can be any asterisk valid type. .ul, .gsm, etc.

If you need more explanation then catch me on the air.

73 Doug

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Subject: [arm-allstar] Repeater wont identify
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    Made an error here regarding some files.in the rpt.conf files,I see the following list here.

  callerid ="Repeater" <0000043315>                             ; callerid for phone calls
;idrecording=/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/KD2ARB;Voice ID

;idtalkover = |iDEKD2ARB/R

     Cannot find that straight line on the keyboard that goes up&down next to idkd2arb.How do I correct this?..Thanks Pete


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