[arm-allstar] DTMF problem

wade wadeo at charter.net
Sat Aug 20 16:39:48 EST 2016

Good afternoon all,

I am posting this here for a local ham friend. He just installing the 
latest version of the Pi software on his Pi2. Everything went ok and 
some small tweaks were made to work with his setup (i.e. - cleaning up 
audio, cor, stuff like that). He also set up the ALLMON2 for his node 
(27451). The issue he is running into is DTMF. When he uses RF to access 
his node the DTMF does nothing. Looking at the CLI it shows up as last 
command heard, there was just no action was taken by asterisk. He can 
make and break connections with both the CLI and Allmon just not over 
the air. We have been all over it adjusting back and forth the pre- and 
de- emphasis, pl filter on & off, making sure the function list was not 
commented out for any reason..

We have tried all we can think of. Any other suggestions we could have 
over looked or should try?


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