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 This is a common problem and we have helped a bit in the new code with an rxtimeout command that limits the amount of COS time. However this new code would have to be installed at each node connected to you and it would only limit the duration of the event to whatever the timeout was set to and not eliminate it entirely.

The best thing to do is educate those who connect and if there are repeat offenders ban them from connecting. The problem is almost always a person that has turned off or physically disconnected their radio while connected to you. Radios that go high on COS would be the worst offenders. If you have carrierfrom=usb  then a high signal will mimic COS.  The COS line is pulled high internally in the cm108/119 chip. Simply pulling out the radio side of the interface would make COS go valid as would in most cases turning off the radio.

Whenever you are connected to somewhere you need to be aware of this. Never turn off or physically disconnect a radio. Disconnect (*76) from everywhere first.

Doing this on the server (hub) side is a little more difficult. We briefly looked into it and may have a better solution in the future but for now education is your best tool.

73 Doug

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I have a hub running on a virtual server and that's where most of the Pi nodes connect to. A couple of times now I wake up and one of the nodes that connected would be "locked up"Is there a dial plan or anything I can do to automate "muting" or disconnecting the offending node?
Any help is appreciated.
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