[arm-allstar] USB FOB Mods

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Mon Aug 1 23:13:54 EST 2016

I have changed the link for the sound FOB on the FOB Mod howto's. The old link was no longer valid. The new link shown should yield a good non potted FOB. While there are probably other links out there that are cheaper there is never any guarantee on any model that they are not potted but at least for now the one mentioned looks good. It uses a CM119A.

We have been talking about this for awhile but Dave is hard at work on the code for using other means to read and write PTT, COS and other bits independent of the sound FOBS. This will allow unmodified FOBS to be used along with another source for I/O. This will make it out in beta code in the near future. Maybe not the next beta but if not soon after. One of the current methods being tested is the Arduino Nano which is a <=$3 board available from numerous sources. It plugs into a USB port and supplies many I/O bits. A two node (two sound FOBS and Nano) system could be built for less than $10 for the sound and control interfacing. This would also allow many additional bits for other uses. Compare that to over $150 if you were using DMK-URI's. It has long been a source of contention that a user can buy a complete processor for $30 and then have to spend twice or more for a rather simple radio interface. For many this should solve that problem. 
73 Doug
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