[arm-allstar] DTMF

Kenneth Grimard n1dot1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 17:22:49 EST 2016

hi david

yes but I have had problems with my simplex link radio even after i have 
adjust the de-emphasis settings and tried different various levels.

not all my radio's would decode properly. that is why i had turned it 
back on
and recompiled the allstar code.

Now why does jim dixon wb6nil have it on by default in the master 
allstarlink source tree
by default? there must have been a reason why he put that code in there 
and enabled it.

turning that back on stopped all my troubles with this dtmf stuff.
but then i had to deal with the false decoding from certain people's voices
when this was on.

ken n1dot

On 8/1/2016 10:13 PM, David McGough wrote:
> Ken,
> In 99% of the cases, RADIO_RELAX isn't the problem. The issue is typically
> either received audio levels or an equalization (meaning de-emphasis).
> I've -never- had a case where I needed to turn RADIO_RELAX on and don't
> have it enabled on a single system---and, all decode every DTMF digit just
> fine (including my Baofeng 888 portable systems).
> Anyhow, yes, there is a setting in V1.02 forward, where RADIO_RELAX can be
> dynamically turned on/off at runtime (to enable, set: dtmf_relax=1 in
> simpleusb.conf device stanza), no recompiling needed....However, this
> "solution" is probably just masking the real issue and ideally should be
> considered a temporary work-around while identifying the audio issue.
> 73, David Kb4FXC
> On Mon, 1 Aug 2016, Kenneth Grimard via arm-allstar wrote:
>> hi all
>> in the hamvoip image radio relax is turned off this is what is causing
>> your issue's.
>> radio relax was turned off to prevent false decoding of dtmf digits from
>> a users voice
>> from punching small holes in the received audio but it cause some
>> problems with
>> some radio's where the some digits will not decode properly.
>> in the standard allstar images from allstarlink.org radio relax is ON by
>> default not off.
>> if you are running the beta code that is in 1.02 for the pi 3 this can
>> be turned back on.
>> ken n1dot
>> On 8/1/2016 8:25 PM, Roselito de los Reyes via arm-allstar wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I created a simplex node and got it working. One weird thing is that
>>> when I send DTMF commands, it does not detect the number 3 as seen
>>> through the CLI.
>>> Any thoughts?
>>> 73,
>>> Lito
>>> KK6OOS
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