[arm-allstar] Trouble Registering New Node

Dan Ozment dan at ozment.net
Wed Apr 20 10:40:44 EST 2016

Thanks to all who responded.   Just got it to register.   I did not have the
port set to 4568 in the general section of iax.conf.  Changed that and hoped
for the best.  But, no luck.   So, I started digging deeper and, by trying
to "ping register.allstarlink.org"  found that DNS resolution wasn't
working.    For some reason /etc/resolv.conf had my nameserver set to (which isn't valid on my network).  I checked resolv.conf on the
working node and set the second node up the same:


[root at raspi-allstar2 etc]# cat resolv.conf

# Generated by resolvconf

#domain lan



With that I was able to resolve register.allstarlink.org, but it still
wasn't registering.    


Finally, I restarted the router.   The node registered on its first attempt.


So, I think I had two problems.  First, bindport wasn't set correctly in
iax2.conf.   I think I entered the port when I last ran the configuration
utility.  Is it possible that this was set incorrectly by firsttime.sh?
Second problem was DNS resolution.  Any idea how resolv.conf could have been
set up for the wrong network?   Is it using default values, or is the
network script writing to the file?    


It could be that I set it up on my test network (which is and
then moved it over.  But, I thought I rebuilt it when I moved it to my other


Good news is it's working!   Going to grab lunch now and will explore more
with it later. 


Again, thanks for the tips! 

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