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Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Sun Apr 17 11:36:10 EST 2016

I am writing on behalf of a user in Ohio that has Times Warner Cable. I have no experience with them as we have Comcast and Verizon here in PA.

He is a new Allstar user and is trying to get port forwarding working. At first he had two routers in series not knowing that the TWC supplied box was both a modem and a router. So port forwarding obviously did not work.

I told him to call TWC and have their modem turned into bridge mode and then do the nat'ing and port forwarding at the user supplied modem. TWC informed him that since he had all services, phone, TV, and Internet through them he would not be able to do that. They also said they do not authorized or allow port forwarding in their modem/router for security reasons.

This sounds ridiculous to me. If this is the case he is caught between a rock and a hard place. I think maybe he was given bad info and since the TWC modem router is, I believe, a Netgear he should be able to set this up himself.

I see that TWC does allow user supplied modems and they have a list of compatible ones. I think the phone is the sticking point and it looks like you would need to have two modems if you had the phone. One supplied but them at no cost for the phone and the user supplied one. The signal would be split between them. 


Does anyone have TWC with these services and using Allstar and able to port forward freely?
73 Doug
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