[arm-allstar] the 48

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Fri Apr 8 13:34:59 EST 2016

The response cutoff issue on the FOBS is probably a non-issue for most.
Check it with a scope if you think it is a problem and put a non active RC
filter whihc should be fine for 48Khz especially with the rolloff of the
radio, etc. 
73 Doug

I agree that the 48 kHz would only be a problem in specific cases, where the
modulation was introduced directly into the frequency control circuit.
For the vast majority - using standard audio inputs - it's no problem.
I would point out that a simple RC filter has 20 dB per decade roll-off.
With (for example) a 4.8 kHz corner frequency, the response would be down
only 20 dB at 48 kHz.  That is nowhere near enough for the case where you
are injecting directly.


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