[arm-allstar] USB FOB Problem

AD2DX ad2dx at ad2dx.us
Thu Apr 7 19:20:41 EST 2016

I built a USB Sound FOB Interface. Everything works fine except when I go into simpleusb-tune-menu 2) Set RX Voice Level, and speak into the mic on the radio that is transmitting to the node radio, I can see the > sign, but no audio. When I unkey, the > sign disappears, so I know that it is seeing something. I shut down and replace the USB FOB with my URi, all is well.

On the schematic “USB FOB simplified schematic.pdf”, I used a 10uF electrolytic cap in the RX Audio line, along with a 47K resistor, and a 68K to ground at that junction, just like it is in the schematic. The polarization of the cap has been verified. For kicks, I tacked another 47K in parallel with the 47K, but no change. I do not have a scope. Any ideas?

Joe - AD2DX

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