[arm-allstar] Anyone running RTCM?

Mark Guibord mark at micro-node.com
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Doug, I hope that you can help me understand your message. When I have asked
for hardware help on the other list I was directed here. But now you are
asking me to go where? What I am reading are questions on deploying the
RTCM. I respect your statement and just want to know where to post me
questions as a new guy.


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I think this is getting a little off topic. This is the arm-allstar mail
list and unless you are having specific problems with the RTCM and its
operation with the BBB or RPi2 this probably should be discussed on the RTCM
list if there is one or with Mark K7IZA directly. We have to remember there
are a whole lot of people on this list and most don't have nor care about
the RTCM. Given the amount of problems and questions I think there should be
an RTCM list!!!

73 Doug





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