[arm-allstar] Anyone running RTCM?

Steve Wright stevewrightnz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 17:58:01 EST 2015

On 11/09/15 08:41, Sam Skolfield <kj6qfs at gmail.com>wrote:
> It works, but not perfectly. If you have minimal overlap, it's acceptable,
> but once your coverage starts to overlap, it gets hairy. Typical of any
> simulcast system to a certain extent, but perhaps a little worse than
> others.
> There is a high-level system that used to simulcast from two big mountain
> tops using RTCMs (BIG overlap) and it was  really rough whenever you were
> in earshot of both transmitters.

We plan 30-40dBW EIRP on 6 meters, with multiple simulcast TX sites.

I suppose there is the opportunity during a DX band opening for it to
sound ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!  Like rock band all playing out of tune

The bad sound will be RF phase-holes in the signal, caused by 0-180-0
phase cancellations - not really something that can be solved with

Is the 6M multi-TX  concept doomed?


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