[arm-allstar] Anyone running RTCM?

Chris Zenchenko wb9rsq at gmail.com
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I’d love to hear of some nodes running the voting. I have no interest in multiple transmit sites but the voting could really make a difference. 
I’ve never heard a good analog controller based one yet. 
Nobody takes enough care to balance the audio and match the receiving and transmitting equipment. 
Even slight differences in models or levels makes voting sound poor to me. 
If you have a channel with a longer path you get noise and you can usually tell when a system votes to that channel. 
Maybe the RTCM makes voting possible. 
I’d want to listen for days and even weeks before I plunked down dollars. 
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It works, but not perfectly. If you have minimal overlap, it's acceptable, but once your coverage starts to overlap, it gets hairy. Typical of any simulcast system to a certain extent, but perhaps a little worse than others. 

There is a high-level system that used to simulcast from two big mountain tops using RTCMs (BIG overlap) and it was  really rough whenever you were in earshot of both transmitters. 
I will say that the voting using RTCMS is absolutely fantastic. I have had amazing results. 

On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 4:24 AM, Steve Wright <stevewrightnz at gmail.com <mailto:stevewrightnz at gmail.com> > wrote:
I just read that the RTCM simulcast multi-transmitter system actually
DOESNT work.

Can anyone shed light?



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