[arm-allstar] PC/ACID to Pi2

Jamey Wright jamey.wright at charter.net
Wed Sep 9 18:18:39 EST 2015

My current system is ACID on a Pentium 4 with a decent amount of RAM.  It is
a desktop PC and takes about 5 or 6 RU of space.  Due to space concerns at
the site, I am considering converting my system to a Raspberry Pi 2.  My
current Server runs 2 nodes.  One is a link directly connected to a 3rd
party repeater controller and the second one is a remote base (Kenwood


A couple of questions:


1 - Does the Pi have enough horsepower to handle 2 nodes?  (Using simpleusb
on both)

2 - Once the OS and Asterisk are up and running, is it just as simple as
moving config files from the ACID box to the Pi?







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