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Mon Sep 7 21:01:50 EST 2015

I doubt the TOS codes have anything to do with it. It depends on your router and also would not have anything to do with connection but rather data flow after connection.


0xbc  is    critical, low delay, high thruput, high reliability. 
Change it to 0xbc and see what happens it should not matter. 

You cited a Zopier error. What about at the Allstar end? Go into the client - asterisk -rvvv and see what messages you get a that end. If its remote just ssh in.

73 Doug

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> Hey, Zoiper on iPhone users. Trying to resolve why one of my BBB packages works great and the other does not. 
> I've made the iax and extensions conf files identical between the two, using the respective node numbers with the exception of the "tos" value in the iax general stanza. The working connection is tos=0xBC and the non-working one is tos=0x1E. No clue what this refers to. Yes, I full reboot the non-working one after making changes. 
> The iPhone app registers successfully on both. The working one spits the "node xxxxx connected" speech as scripted in the example found here on this web site. 
> On the non-working one (but again registers successfully), Zoiper returns "Error no such context/extension (3)". 
> These are at two different physical locations with unique IP, both behind NAT routers. The nodes are working correctly as for in and out connections. I'm able to ssh into both. The Zoiper working unit is local to me, so I can connect either via the 192.xxx address or via the public IP :4564, and from the LTE network. Both units are off the 4569 port as I have an ACID box on that port (which doesn't connect, either, but registers successfully). 
> Thinking I'm overlooking the obvious. 
> tnx
> Mike / W5JR
> Alpharetta GA
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