[arm-allstar] possiable solution for google text to speach issue.

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Mon Sep 7 13:46:22 EST 2015

Yes, I mentioned that before. Not a good choice for a distribution as we would not be able to distribute it. Users would have to buy and install. We will make a hook for it though in the next version should anyone want to buy it. The legal way to buy this is to pay the $30 for the voice then pay another $100 for the right to broadcast. Yes, they make hams pay that. Not worth it in my book. The voice is OK but not the best. If you buy it don't mention you are a ham unless you want to pay the extra $100. I didn't say that!

The right to broadcast for hams is a little ridiculous given we are not commercial and it the voices were half decent it would bolster their sales. Compared to Google the Cepstral voices are so-so. 
73 Doug

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> There is a version of Cepstal for the pi:
> "Callie Personal for Raspberry Pi"
> https://www.cepstral.com/en/raspberrypi
> Aside from that, I wish someone would create a kickstarter campaign or something like that to take up a collection to get someone to contribute an updated open source TTS voice as part of the standard Linux distributions.  Festival/flite are all pretty rudimentary sounding.  I'd rather give money to that cause.
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