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 I forget what version of code you are using. If you are using 1.0 BBB you really need to upgrade to 1.2.1  - 1.0 had that problem but 1.2.1 should be rock solid. I have never seen a URI stop working - Green light solid or out with the newer code. Not to say it can't happen but it would be rare. The #1 cause of strange things like this happening is power supply issues and spikes. When you say it happens when the repeater goes off the air do oyu mean keyup at the end of a transmission or when you lose power?
The 1.2.1 code had a watchdog in it for the BBB but it does not know about the URI. You could also have a bad URI. 

Another option would be to replace the BBB with an RPI2 and see how that works for you. It is cheap enough to do.

73 Doug

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Good afternoon to all, 
I have a problem that I have been battling for months.  now. I have a 220 repeater that I use a BBB and URI. 
I ran a script that Doug had to reboot the BBB in the event of a lockup up. That doesn't appear to have worked or the BBB never gets to that point. I still have the same problem. I don't think its the BBB at fault. I'm open to suggestions. 
This was thought to be a temperature problem but that doesn't seem to be the issue either. It doesn't matter what season it is. I see the same problem. 

Here is what I see is going on. 

When the repeater goes off the air the green light on the URI goes out. however I can still see lights working on the BBB. Numerous times I have been up on the mountain site up the 4 wheel drive trails. Its getting old for just one repeater. The past several times I have forgotten to take my laptop. AUGH... 

Question I pose is this. 
What else other than the script Doug posted can I run possibly monitor the URI to force a reboot of the BBB and restore service. 


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