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Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Thu Sep 3 00:40:46 EST 2015

There has been a lot of talk about this delay issue which appears in different degrees depending on the hardware in use. First of all I want say that this is NOT an issue with simplex nodes. If you are using a simplex node you would not even know this is happening and it would NOT be a problem. 

The only time you will hear the delay is when using a duplex mode as you would on a repeater. The ONLY person that hears it is the person that is transmitting. You occasionally hear a remnant of your voice when you unkey. This is NOT an echo, it is the end of the data stream that has not completed in the output path when you unkey. No one listening on the repeater or other connected nodes would know it is happening. They do NOT hear any disparity in the audio. It is nothing more than an annoyance to the transmitting station on the repeater. It does not impede the functionality of Allstar. 

That being said we will be doing something to correct it and yes if you are using simpleusb on an Acid release it could be adapted to that but it would be up to Jim to approve and include it in the official Acid release.

In the meantime the best way to avoid hearing this on a system that has the problem is to stop talking wait a second and unkey the mic. Some people are quick to key and quick to unkey. On any connected Allstar network you should not quick key. This is a concept that is hard to get into the minds of many people.

The ability to hear this delay is also effected by your receivers recovery time. Some receivers are very quick to recover and thus are more prone to hearing the delay. Using PL which slightly lengthens the recovery time can also help.

Again I repeat - this is NOT an issue with simplex nodes!

73 Doug

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