[arm-allstar] It feels just like warm PI2 ! ;)

Ken Page vk4akp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 07:44:16 EST 2015

Hi Doug,

OK I think it's the COS is the issue.
But I've just looked at my backups from the Gentoo install and I can't 
see a simpleusb.conf file except in the usr/src directory from the 
original compile.

BTW It's been years since I've played with Linux and I've always found 
it difficult. ;)
I am more used to Amiga Dos! ;)

The radio is a Yaesu FT-212RH.

Jim Duuude was the joker that originally helped to set it all up years 
ago with his Mad 1337 HaX0r Gentoo Linux Skillz! ;)

Do you have a phone number I can call you on. Might be quicker?

Oh and it's a simplex radio that just points at our local 2mtr repeater 
as a link into it.
SSH I changed to the standard 22.
But you could SSH into our main server which is DMZ'd and SSH from it to 
the PI2.

However I think a little quick coaching over the phone would get this 
sorted within a few minutes. I don' think there is much a miss.
Also in my previous msg I had the LED colours back to front but you 
probably guessed that.

Ken - vk4akp

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> Ken,
>   The situation you describe fast on and off keying is usually caused by having duplex=2 in rpt.conf when using a simplex radio. The setup routine would have asked you that question. The dafualt is duplex=1 (simplex) but if you changed it it would cause that problem. Also if the carrierfrom= in simpleusb.conf wasnot set correctly it would cause a similar problem.  It should be set to usb for a positive COS on signal and usbinvert for a low or 0 volts on signal.
> It does not matter if you have the URI connected when you do the setup. It would be better to have it connected to get the feedback of it working however.
> If you want me to log in an check things send me your node number and login password. I assume you have not changed the ssh port (222) and you have it forwarded in your router.
> Also is this a simplex or duplex node?
> 73 Doug
> http://www.crompton.com/hamradio

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