[arm-allstar] Weather Script in Metric?

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Fri Oct 24 22:16:13 EST 2014


 I have two weather underground stations of my own and I see in the settings I can make it English, Metric, or both. I am not sure how that would effect the output to the weather script though. But even if it did I suspect you would have to use a station that had things set that way. 

Are you using a VK underground station that is set to metric? That is if you go to the web page for that station on WU does it display in metric? The settings are at the top right of the page - click on the spooked wheel.
I am sure Chris will have a commen ton this.

73 Doug

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Subject: [arm-allstar] Weather Script in Metric?

Hi all


Great to see the developments in the new release.  I
had the BBB, complete with the Weather Script, up and running in no time!


I am only using the Weather-Underground data (as I’m
not based in the U.S.)
but it works well. There is just one minor problem, it is in ‘Imperial’. 
Is there an option, or can there be an option for ‘Metric’?   I’m
sure other parts of the world would also benefit from this, if made available.


Again, thanks to the great team effort that has produced an incredible
work of art!










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