[arm-allstar] v1.2 Install DTMP Issue

Joe Zynel jzynel at comcast.net
Thu Oct 23 11:25:46 EST 2014



It was a level issue but is *71 still the disconnect code for all connected
nodes?  I can cannot but not disconnect.  The DTMF is showing up correctly
on the CLI.  


[Oct 23 12:23:55] NOTICE[392]: chan_simpleusb.c:2893 simpleusb_read: Got
DTMF char *

[Oct 23 12:23:56] NOTICE[392]: chan_simpleusb.c:2893 simpleusb_read: Got
DTMF char 7

[Oct 23 12:23:58] NOTICE[392]: chan_simpleusb.c:2893 simpleusb_read: Got
DTMF char 1



But it will not disconnect.


Using *1node number does disconnect.


Thanks for your help.



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 I cannot imagine anything in the new version that would cause that. Nothing
regarding DTMF changed. The only thing that could possible cause a problem
is the plfilter in simpleusb but actually turning it on, which is now the
default, should  actually help the problem.  

Usually it is a radio or level issue. Be sure your levels are set correctly
and try another radio.

73 Doug


Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 00:10:08 +0000
From: jzynel at comcast.net
To: arm-allstar at hamvoip.org
Subject: [arm-allstar] v1.2 Install DTMP Issue



I installed V1.2 today and it is working except when I do DTMF commands.  In
one of about 10 tries I connect.  But I cannot disconnect and do any  of the
other DTMF functions.  I am using a USB FOB with a Baofeng UV-5r.  


Thanks for the help



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