[arm-allstar] Configuration how-to update

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Wed Oct 22 15:27:10 EST 2014

Due to feedback I added a paragraph in the configuration how-to on the web page about simpleusb configuration.
The automated script assumes it is just called 'usb' as a label and that conflicts with other documentation recommending that you tack your node number on like 'usb27225'  The problem with doing this is that if you run the node-config.sh script again it will change it back to just 'usb' and it would not match the manual change you made in simpleusb.conf

So I put a statement to that effect in the documentation. I expect in the next version we will continue to improve on the automated scripts and probably include simpleusb setup as well eliminating this problem but for now I wanted you to be aware of this potential gotcha. The label in rpt.conf and simpleusb.conf must match and it is suggested you just leave it at 'usb'   
73 Doug
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