[arm-allstar] Update status and a query

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Sun Oct 19 19:10:02 EST 2014


   Version 1.2.1 should be out in a day or two. The reason for the delay is that we wanted to include some scripts to automate the install process. That involved some testing so it delayed things a bit. 

Obviously the BBB is very different than the a disk based OS. Updates will always involve burning a new image to an SD card and doing some basic configuration. The 1.2.1 version includes several scripts to make upgrading more seamless in the future and also to save image copies without removing the SD card. Backup scripts  are included so key directories can be tar'ed and saved for transfer to another computer or to a USB stick attached to the BBB. This will make it easy to transfer files or an entire image to another system.

Documentation is not quite complete but should be by the time 1.2.1 is released.

So hang in there a few more days. 

73 Doug

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 15:25:46 -0700
From: k0xm at byrg.net
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Subject: [arm-allstar] Update status and a query

Whats the status on the update? The reason I am asking is we are waiting to see if it is possible to update before we deploy a BBB on a rooftop to replace a XIPAR box with some hiccups. Will we have to do a complete new install and if so in the future will there be an "upgrade only" script ala ACID or XIPAR? 
Chuck K0XM
Backyard Repeater Group
k0xm at byrg.net


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