[arm-allstar] Unpotted USB audio FOBs

Pat the_snyders at iamotelephone.com
Tue Oct 14 18:31:53 EST 2014

I ordered one of these a few weeks ago to see what it looked like and if 
it really had the proper chip set.

I found that it was very easy to open it up to check on the circuit 
configuration, just pulls apart.  It has the correct IC and no potting.

I followed up with a larger order.  This particular auction is set up to 
allow for various quantities to be ordered, with the per unit price 
reflecting the larger quantity.

The unit price is $3.48 with free shipping.

I haven't run one of them with Asterisk yet, but it talks to my Lubuntu 
desktop and IDs properly.

The auction title is: "Wholesale USB External 7.1 Channel 3D Virtual 
Audio Sound Card Adapter PC Laptop"


The company running the auction is: 

Pat Snyder

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