[arm-allstar] Problem with ID on simplex link

Paul pjg123 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 14 17:50:20 EST 2014

Hi all,

I am playing with the BBB.  I am running a simplex node, the output 
transmit on the input of the local repeater and listens on the repeater 
output.  I dial in using Zoiper on an old smart phone or iaxRpt on my 
laptop to access the repeater.

The following condition accrued with all the default settings except 
*/nounkeyct/* was changed from zero to one to stop courtesy tones. And 
stop the transmitter from keying every time it sees a signal:

When first powered up, or if there is a power hit, or if astres.sh is 
executed, the node will key up and send an ID even if no one is 
connected to the node.If there is traffic on the frequency and the COR 
is operated within the ID period, the node will continue to send an ID 
every ten minutes as long as there is activity on the frequency.

If 10 minutes elapses with no receive activity, (no COR activity on the 
freq), the node will stop sending the ID even if a signal is received 
again after that period.

When someone is connected to the node, the ID works correctly and sends 
an ID every 10 minutes.  But again, after the user disconnects from the 
node, if the BBB node receives an over-the-air signal from the repeater 
after the last ID, The BBB node will continue to key up and send an ID 
every 10 minutes as long as there is activity on the repeater.

This will continue as long as the repeater is busy.  When the repeater 
is no longer in use and there is 10 minutes of silence, then the BBB 
will stop sending the ID even if the repeater keys up again after the 10 
minutes of silence.

If I key the BBB node and give my call, and no one answers in the next 
10 minutes, The BBB node will act correctly and not send the ID again.It 
is only when it sees incoming traffic within the ID period that it will 
keep keying up and sending the ID.

I hope that was clear,


BTW the above scenario also happens if the node is operating on a 
simplex frequency instead of a repeater frequency.

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