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Use an events stanza and use the "RPT_TXKEYED" to run a function or 
command to executes a cop command to turn GPIO on and off.

This page details how to use events subsystem:

The cop command for GPIO4 would be something like:
90=cop,62,GPIO4=0 ; Turn off GPIO 4
91=cop,62,GPIO4=1 ; Turn on GPIO 4

and a "rpt fun 1999 *91" would turn GPIO4 on and *90 turns it off.

And use the audio from the left or right channel.

Or easier yet..you can just share PTT and audio with your primary node 
to the second transmitter.

On 10/5/2014 2:52 AM, Sam Skolfield wrote:
> Hello to the group,
> I want to set up a BBB with two simpleusb nodes:
> 1. Full duplex repeater
> 2. Aux transmitter
> The second node is nothing more than a transmitter (TX audio, PTT) so 
> couldn't I simply configure the second node's simpleusb.conf file with 
> "gpio4 = ptt" ,  "txmixa=no", and "txmixb=voice" ?
> Thanks and 73
> -- 
> Sam Skolfield
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