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Mon Nov 24 16:33:58 EST 2014

Doug, I'm guessing you were referring to my issue with the NTP access. I did get it working. I found a file somewhere (slept since then) that had it turned off despite you and I looking everywhere. 


> On Nov 24, 2014, at 9:36 AM, Doug Crompton <doug at crompton.com> wrote:
> I know at least one person has had a problem with accurate time on the BBB running Allstar. He was not able to reach an ntp server. In most all cases this will NOT be a problem but if for some reason you want to run the BBB offline or you do not have ntp access due to blocking or for any reason you could easily add a Real Time Clock to the BBB to achieve accurate time.
> I built a clock and wrote a how-to detailing how to implement it in Archlinux on the BBB. The cost is minimal coming in at under $10 for the clock kit. This clock works fine and it appears to be accurate at least at room temperature. I did no testing at temperature extremes. The method of doing this is still somewhat experimental and there probably will be changes as we go along on exactly how the clock is implemented in the code but for now this is a viable option for those who have a need to add it. Software support for this will be added to the next image release. Again I want to emphasize that having this clock is NOT a requirement for most all situations under which the BBB is used but you can certainly choose to experiment and try it out if you like.
> The link to the how-to was added to the hamvoip.org web page. Here is a direct link -
> http://www.crompton.com/hamradio/BBB_realtime_clock/
> 73 Doug
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