[arm-allstar] Unpotted USB audio FOBs -- NICE!! (with photos)

James R. Pilgram jim.pilgram at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 22:05:52 EST 2014

I've done a bunch of these and the best way to get the jacks and 
switches off is to use a nipper for trimming leads on circuit boards. 
Get down as close to the solder pad as you can and clip. On the pin 13 
gpio I use a circuit board vice to hold the board and get a nice long 
sharp needle, Place it under the lead between the ic and the pad and 
touch the point where the lead is soldered to the pad with a 15 watt 
soldering iron. Once it's free it's really easy to solder a piece of 
wirewrap wire to it. Then I hot  melt glue it in place. I feed the wire 
through one of the wholes left in the circuit board left by the jack.   
Now it's easy to solder to the transistor base resistor. All my add-on 
parts stay in the original shell and the wire to the radio comes out the 
old jack hole. see pix
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