[arm-allstar] Pre-recorded broadcasts

James R. Pilgram jim.pilgram at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 00:10:46 EST 2014

I'm looking for some input on broadcasting Amateur Radio Newsline on our 
local system.
Here's how I'm currently doing it. I download the broadcast on a laptop 
with Ubuntu Linux then edit it with Audacity with 6 second pauses
every 2 minutes to keep from timing out the repeaters and simplex nodes 
on the system. Then when it comes time
to run the program, I hook the laptop that it is recorded on through a 2 
channel mixer to my regular laptop running
Windoze 7 into the IaxRpt client into my hub. Then I manually key and 
un-key the iaxRpt client at the 6 second pauses
as the program plays.

Here's what I would like to do.... I would like to make this pretty much 
automatic. I don't mind doing the recording,
but I would like it if I could have it start at the designated time and 
un-key itself at the 6 second pauses and re-key at the end of the pause
If I could drop this on my BBB node or my Acid based hub, this would be 
be great.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I'm not real Linux literate and 
google is my friend I am trying to ween myself from windoze.


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