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On 1/15/20 5:28 PM, "Paul - KN2R via ARM-allstar-irlp" wrote:
> Agreed, and also how are some HamVoIP nodes that were bridging to certain reflectors before for years, now after "The Purge", still allowed to bridge once again?  Did they pay more to buy their key back?  Why are they special?
> Select AllStar nodes can still bridge an IRLP Reflector to many AllStar nodes, but a single IRLP node owner cannot bridge anything, one-on-one IRLP only.   Junk it, not needed anymore!
> Greatest thing is an AllStar IRLP node after "The Purge" still has AllStar!  No impact at all.
> The 100% IRLP compatibility was nice, for years actually, until they targeted HamVoIP.
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> What I'd like to know is why Hamvoip IRLP node was singled out and  all the ASL irlp bridged nodes are still up and running connected to IRLP reflectors?
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